• Cornerstone to Lesotho

    Announced by Anonymous on Oct 31 2011

    Cornerstone Student Missionaries will be in Lesotho ,Ha-Mofoka in Mafeteng, from the 2nd to the 11th of December 2011. Please come join us as we prepare people for this life and that to come. The cost is R750 inclusive of food, transport and accommodation.The general scope of the mission will be:
    1) Hospital visits
    2) Prison visits
    3) Health expos
    4) Presentations/lectures on the following aspects prophecy, Adventism, three angels’ message, history, current trends, worship and health.
    5) House to house evangelism
    6) Youth evangelism training
    7) Singing
    8) Children’s ministries
    Please contact me or moshabi ASAP if you are interested

  • People who would like to go for Botswana mission

    Announced by Anonymous on May 14 2011

    Greetings friends! You are cordially invited to join Cornerstone for a mission project in Gaborone Botswana from the 1st to the 10th of July 2011. Please contact me or Moshabi (083 541 4063) for more details. The theme is, "The Tragedy of Christianity" ... RSVP before 30 May if you are interested
  • Cornerstone to Welkom

    Announced by Anonymous on Apr 17 2011

    The spirit of Elijah

    This is the theme that has been adopted for the Welkom project. We have planned for a one week in and outreach program which we would like to start on the 23rd of April to the 1st of May 2011. These plans include a full Sabbath program, Sabbath school, divine and afternoon program; health expo on both Sundays, 24th April and 1st of May 2011; daily community outreach program during the day, from Monday there 25th to the Friday 29th April 2011 than lastly but not least; evening programs from the first Sunday, there 24th April to the last Sabbath 30th April 2011, *note there Sabbath presentation will be done in the afternoon after which there will be a question and answer session* having outlined the program for the whole week these are the  following  things that will be needed to start and complete the evangelist work:

    Church preparations:

    Health expo:

    Daily community outreach:

    Evening programs: